You don't need a farm to be a farmer.

Grow peppers on the patio, beans on the balcony - even radishes on the roof!

Whether you're tight on garden space, face challenging growing conditions or have no yard at all, guests can explore these sustainable gardening techniques and learn tips to create a garden that is easy, fun and safe for kids, pets and wildlife.

Guests can also see an active beehive in the Hoop House. Complete with more than 10,000 European honey bees, the hive has glass observation windows, so guests can safely see the inner workings of the bee colony. Educational signage helps identify  worker bees, drone bees, queen bees and other parts of the hive.

The bees are completely contained within the hive, with only a single opening to fiy in and out.
The opening is at the end of a long tube that extends to the outside wall of the Hoop House. 

The Hoop House is located in The Children's Garden. 



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